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7 Top Tips for a Winning CV

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7 Top Tips for a Winning CV

Looking to help progress your career quickly? 

Create your CV today using our 7 top tips below and you will be on the first step up the ladder. 
  1. First impressions: Once your CV is sent across to a potential employee, itís your first chance to reveal your skills and attributes - so make it count!
  2. Introduction paragraph: Ensure your unique selling points are included. Plus, mention Ďkey wordsí from your experience.
  3. Make it different: Under each employment listed, add another heading called: ĎKey Achievementsí and list your major accomplishments, including any targets met. To help you with this, use the STAR technique as a guideline; describe the SITUATION, the TASK required as a result, the ACTION you took and the RESULT of that action.
  4. Pleasing to the eye: Your CV needs to be kept simple and clearly formatted. Remember to keep the fonts and formatting consistent and donít forget to check your spelling and grammar Ė itís surprising how many people that donít!
  5. Who are you? Itís good practice to include a picture of yourself at the top of your CV.
  6. Does your CV fit the job description? Itís a common mistake not to do this. Always tailor your experience to the job description.
  7. Second opinion: After reading the same copy several times, basic mistakes can be missed. Always ask someone else to proof read your CV, a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference - donít let small mistakes cost you the interview!
What next?

Now you have your winning CV, please email it to Tracey Rackham, Recruitment Manager at: recruitment@betterstaff.co.uk

Posted on 13th May 2016