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8 Key Steps for an Outstanding Profile on LinkedIn

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Posted in: Candidates

  1. Remember this is your first impression for any new connection – make it a good one!
  2. Photo – there is only one opportunity for a picture, therefore you must make it a clear professional picture and ensure it’s a close up of your head and shoulders
  3. Headline – have a clear job title/function for connections to establish your level of responsibility
  4. Summary – include all your key skills, achievements and a general overview of your experience history
  5. Career History – layout this information as clearly as possible, with accurate start and end dates, ideally use bullet points to list your responsibilities and link through to the business logo
  6. Recommendations – show how valued you are by having a recommendation from a senior member of your team.  Plus - potential employers will trust these opinions more than your own!
  7. Skills & Endorsements – adding these key words are essential to getting your profile recognised and connections will endorse you for your skills
  8. Add Media – showcase your experience by attaching any content, photos, videos and presentations to reflect your experience

Posted on 19th May 2016