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Site Manager

Our client, located in Bexleyheath, is seeking to recruit a Site Manager to be responsible for the maintenance, security and cleanliness of its premises to ensure that the establishment achieves and maintains its building compliance level.

You would represent the client in dealing with contractors & suppliers involved in the repair and upkeep of the building and site and be responsible for the premises when it is used for external lettings.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:  

  1. Manage and carry out security operations of the premises including buildings, grounds, cleaning equipment, heating plant, primary key holder, locking & unlocking, security alarms, fire, flood, trespass and burglary ensuring procedures are in place.
  2. Operate the heating and other systems.
  3. Deal with contracts associated with the maintenance of buildings, grounds, electrical, P.E equipment, firefighting, security equipment and the purchase of supplies, including documentation, reports to Governors and liaising with the Trust and consultancy staff.
  4. Ensure that the premises, furnishings and site are clean and safe in accordance with specifications including managing the cleaning materials budget, cleaning specified areas, maintaining cleaning equipment and overseeing the work of contractors or directly employed cleaners.
  5. Make minor or temporary repairs to furniture, fabric, and equipment, arrange other repair requirements, direct contractors and log all repairs.
  6. Liaise with outside agencies regarding major and minor works and improvements, managing closed periods to ensure works are achieved on time and to budget.
  7. Ensure that Health & Safety procedures are followed especially by contractors working on site in respect of their own, staff and pupil’s safety, such as following asbestos guidance, safe use of ladders, use of tools in the school working day.
  8. To carry out a daily building inspection to ensure the building is fit for purpose and taking appropriate action if not.
  9. Ensure that the premises and grounds are maintained in a safe and healthy condition including the maintenance of fire and other safety equipment and monitoring of fire safety precautions, safe storage of potentially harmful substances and equipment, ensuring a litter free environment and salting and gritting when needed.
  10. Emergency cleaning necessary outside the cleaner’s hours, including the clearance of spills of bodily fluids using safe methods for cleaning.
  11. Managing the site during the closed periods, organising works to be done during this time.
  12. Assisting the Estates Management Team to prepare the premises for development plan, identifying work needed to maintain and improve the school site.
  13. Responsible for ensuring appropriate facilities are in place for events such as Governor’s meetings or PTA.
  14. Managing traffic movement on the site, organising the separation of vehicles and people
  15. Managing the minibuses, keeping it refueled, organising servicing, organising booking system, maintaining in sound working condition and driving when required.
  16. Move stores, furniture, stationary, deliveries and rubbish etc.
  17. Nominated primary key holder


  • A wide range of practical skills and creativity exercised in making minor and temporary repairs.
  • Interpersonal skills to protect the school’s interests in dealing with cleaners, contractors and other visitors to the site.
  • Makes judgements and recommends priorities and strategies for the upkeep of the premises and grounds
  • Uses written and numerate skills in budget management, documentation of contracts, reports etc
  • Carries out hard physical work in external and sometimes unpleasant environment.

Hours:   Split Shifts 7.00 am – 9.15 am then 1.00 m – 6.00 pm

£26,500.00 circa

This is a permanent position.